The Best Makeup Case: How to Get Yourself a Great Makeup Train Case for Every Occasion

The Best Makeup Case: How to Get Yourself a Great Makeup Train Case for Every Occasion

When you happen to love makeup, there’s no such thing as having too much. Who knew that trying to make yourself look pretty can require so many products, not to mention tools?

Rather than leave your makeup accumulating on your dresser, bathroom, or drawer, why not store and organize them in a makeup train case? But not just any makeup case, because only the best makeup case is fit for you and your cosmetics collection.

There are a lot of makeup train cases to choose from on the market. In fact, makeup train cases have been around for a long time. It serves a multitude of purposes. For one, you have a nifty case to store your makeup in.

Gone are the days when you have to rummage around in your drawer or vanity just to find that one shade of lipstick you’re looking for. What’s great about makeup cases is that it contains compartments. This allows you to organize your makeup either by type, color, daily use, or your own system preference.

Another purpose for makeup cases is that it helps keep your makeup safe and intact for when you are traveling. Thanks to designated compartments, secure lock functions, and sturdy aluminum materials, makeup cases can protect your items and prevent damage.

You probably want to know how to get that one perfect case with so many to choose from in the market. Well, read on to find out.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Case

When it comes to makeup cases, pretty isn’t just enough to cut it. There are many things you should consider before making that final purchase. Impulse buying of a cosmetic train case just won’t do. Here’s what you need to follow to be able to choose the perfect makeup case for you.

Know how much makeup you already own.

If you haven’t done it already, it might be high time to make an accounting of your makeup collection. You just might be able to find some products you need to throw out or need replacing. Taking account of how much you already own will help you choose the right makeup case for you.

For one, you want a makeup case that has enough space and compartments for you to be able to organize your makeup well. One key to keeping makeup in good condition, s to keep it stored and organized to prevent contamination.

Look for the right size.

You want to look for a makeup train case that has just enough room for a little extra. There are times when you can’t resist the temptation to impulse buy, especially when it comes to makeup, so it’s refreshing to note that you know you have the space available to store it.

Determine your need.

Do you need a makeup case for traveling? Or do you need a makeup case for home? There are women who opt to have a makeup case even if they don’t intend to bring their whole collection with them. Rather, they use the case as a means of organization. When you don’t plan to bring your case along with you on a regular basis, you can go for a hard case that’s suitable to the size of your collection.

However, when you intend to carry your makeup with you either for travel or to use on clients, make sure to get a good one with a weight you can handle. There are makeup cases that already weigh quite a few pounds even when empty.

What to Look for in the Best Makeup Case

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice based on the guidelines above, it’s now time to look at the details of your makeup case. And by details, you want a makeup case that has the best bang for your buck.


There are generally two types of makeup cases, soft and hard. Even if you opt for a soft case, its material should be durable enough to stand wear and tear. You want to look for a soft case that is sufficiently lined to keep the makeup inside safe and sound. Most soft cases offer linings that are shake-proof and water-proof. Make sure to look for these qualities.

When it comes to hard cases, it generally has the durability you’re looking for. What you want to check on is how it performs. Does it tip over when you open it? Is it perfectly balanced so that your contents won’t spill when you open the case?

Easy to Clean

As you use makeup, you will naturally expose your makeup case to spills, dusting from powders, and the like. When the time comes for you to clean and re-organize your makeup case, you want one that you can easily clean. With soft cases, this is pretty easy to do. When you’re using a hard case, you want one that’s lined with plastic bottom so you can easily wipe as you go. This way, there’s no need for soiling to accumulate over time.


You’ve spent quite a lot accumulating your makeup, so you want to make sure it doesn’t get lost, or much worse, stolen. Make sure to look for a makeup case that either has locks provided or has a secure closure, such as double zippers, especially when you’re considering soft cases.


When it comes to storage, you want a makeup bag that can store your makeup well. Are there compartments built in for this? Are there DIY-able compartments that you can remove and adjust to be able to get a customized fit? Are there compartments for small items and large items in the case?

These are but a few of the things you want to look for aside from the appearance and price of the case of itself. The more seasoned you are in using a makeup case, the more you are made aware of what you need in a makeup case and whether the one you already have meets it or not.

Top 10 Best Makeup Case

Out of the many makeup cases out in the market, here are the products that have made it to our top 10 list.

Image Product Price Rating
 ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Bag / Makeup Case / Mini Makeup Train Case 9.8”  $  4.6/5
 SONGMICS Makeup Train Case 13.5″ Professional Cosmetic Box  $$$  4.3/5
 BEAUBOMB makeup organizer train case cosmetics bag  $  5.0/5
 Makeup Train Case – Professional 14″ Large Make Up Artist Organizer Kit  $$$  4.6/5
 Makeup Train Case, FLYMEI Cosmetic Organizer 16″ Professional Make Up Artist Storage for Cosmetics  $$$  4.6/5
 Ogima® Cosmetic Makeup Train Case with Mirror Cover Board  $$  4.2/5
 Blush Train Case Style Double Zipper Cosmetic Makeup Bag Organizer with Blender Sponge  $$  4.3/5
 Caboodles Stylist Train Case, Black Lace Over Silver  $$  4.2/5
 BR Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit  $$$  4.1/5
 Beautify Large Cosmetic Organizer Case – 14″ Professional Aluminum Makeup Storage Box  $$$  4.2/5

ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Bag Review

The ROWNYEON Portable Travel Makeup Bag is an example of a no-frills case with extreme functionality and portability. This is a soft case but very much durable thanks to its shock-proof, water-proof, and anti-wear lining and material. It’s a simple black case that is perfect for someone who likes something simple or wants a case that is multifunctional and can be used for something else other than makeup.

Once you open the double zippered closure, you will be pleasantly surprised by the compartments inside. The dividers are removable and can be adjusted and secured to the bottom and sides of the case with Velcro. This is a good thing to note because if your dividers aren’t secured, your makeup will still end up being jostled around.

Every space inside the ROWNYEON is maximized to hold as much product as possible. It even includes dedicated pockets for brushes that can be covered with a secured flap as well as a zippered compartment for items you want to keep more secure.


  • Size is perfect for portability
  • Does not weigh a lot when empty
  • Can fit in a backpack and still leave plenty of room for other items
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and anti-wear design
  • DIYable compartments
  • Secure dividers with Velcro
  • Dedicated pockets for brushes
  • Simple black color
  • Easy to clean
  • Multifunctional, can be used other than for makeup


  • Too small for people with a larger makeup collection
  • Cannot fit larger items such as large makeup palettes
  • Looks more like a bag organizer than a makeup case

SONGMICS Makeup Train Case Review

If you’re looking for a portable solution to a hard case, look no further than the SONGMICS Makeup Train Case. You’ll fall in love with it at first glance.It has a diamond outer pattern and comes in a shiny black color, complete with reinforced steel corners for a polished look.

It features an upgraded hinge so that it opens smoothly to reveal 12 completely customizable compartments plus a very generous bottom compartment.

When it comes to keeping your makeup secured, SONGMICS won’t let you down. It comes with two secure latches and two keys included. It is quite a weight to carry when empty so it is something to keep note of when traveling.

It may be hard case, but it is completely easy to clean thanks to its ABS plastic compartments. And when it comes to organization, the dividers are completely DIY-able. When all dividers are in use, you have a total of 12 compartments plus a bottom compartment.

Without the dividers, you have four extendable drawers and a bottom compartment. You won’t have any problem keeping and toting your makeup with you wherever you go.


  • Very durable aluminum alloy shell
  • Reinforced corners takes away any sharp edges of the makeup case
  • Plenty of room to store makeup
  • Completely adjustable and removable dividers
  • Easy clean up thanks to ABS plastic compartments
  • Secured lock with keys provided
  • Upgraded hinges and well-balanced case
  • Very roomy bottom compartment


  • Weighs 6 lbs without any contents
  • Suitable for small to medium sized products
  • Second row of dividers a little difficult to remove but doable

BEAUBOMB Makeup Train Case Review

The BEAUBOMB Makeup Train Case is a wonderful gift to yourself and to a friend. What’s really neat about this train case is that it comes in a set of 2 hot pink glittery cases. It’s what any femme fatale would have in their vanity.

The color itself is very feminine and would make a pretty home for your makeup collection. Best of all, the whole thing comes in a very beautifully designed gift box. It’s like a gift within a gift kind of packaging.

Another neat thing about the BEAUBOMB is that the outside is perfectly easy to clean. You simply wipe off and you’re done. Since there are two cases, you have more options to put in your makeup. Your smaller items can be in the smaller case and the larger items in the larger case.

It has three brush holders per case and a small mirror for when you need to check yourself and there’s no other source available.

The functionality of the BEAUBOMB is another one of its winning feature. There are so many things this case can serve as. Not only can it hold your makeup, but it can also serve to carry your toiletries when traveling.

It can serve as a wonderful décor and storage solution in your dresser for when you’re not traveling. Lastly, you get a lifetime guarantee with your purchase. So, you’re not losing anything but gaining a lot more.


  • Durable case with easy to wipe exterior material
  • Pink and glitter design combination perfect for girls
  • Comes with a dedicated brush holder
  • Packaged in a wonderful gift box
  • Comes in two cases
  • Includes a handy mirror per case
  • Secure double zipper closure
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • A little small if you have a large collection you want to travel with
  • Not enough brush holders
  • Brush holders have no protective flap to keep brushes clean
  • Mirror is too small

Lenubo-Glenor Professional Makeup Train Case Review

It can be hard to find a makeup train case that’s large enough to fit all the makeup you need to bring to an event. The good news is that you might find what you need in the Lenubo-Glenor Professional Makeup Train Case. This is a large makeup train case and classified as such.

It comes with everything you need in a train case. For one, it’s durable with an aluminum frame as well as reinforced steel corners. It not only has a carry handle but a free shoulder strap which can be removed if you don’t feel like wearing it that way.

You get completely adjustable dividers to make your organization seamless. The bottom interior can hold large palettes including hair styling tools – talk about being roomy!

The design isn’t anything flashy but it does come in an all black design for a seamless look. You can keep your makeup secure since it comes with 2 metal locks and 2 keys that are included. If you have a lot of clients to beautify or you simply want a good storage solution for your makeup at home, the Lenubo- Glenor Professional Makeup Train Case is a good option.


  • Large, fits large cosmetics including hair styling tools
  • Completely adjustable and removable dividers for better organization
  • All black design for a seamless look
  • Anti-scratch bottom preserves the look of your bag
  • Comes with a free shoulder strap for optional shoulder carry
  • Secured locks with 2 keys included
  • Sturdy and extremely durable with aluminum frame and reinforced steel corners
  • Smooth hinges make opening extendable drawers seamless


  • Material of inner lining is not easy to clean
  • Weighs 5.8 lbs when empty
  • Size of the case may not be very travel friendly

FLYMEI Makeup Train Case Review

The FLYMEI Makeup Train Case is a versatile soft case that can be used for practically anything including your makeup. The size is perfect for storing an ample amount of makeup, hair styling tools, and even skin care essentials. The organization is pretty amazing too and features a three layer system.

The first layer holds your adjustable dividers to allow you to make your own compartments the way you like. The second layer contains a dedicated pocket with flap for your brush collection.

Behind is a mesh pocket with zipper where you can place your palettes for anything you’d like to secure. The last layer contains holders for either makeup, skin care, or hair styling tools.

It doesn’t look it but this makeup train case can hold a lot of products. You can carry it in different ways too. It’s not too large so it can fit perfectly in your luggage.

However, if it does take up some room that you want to use for something else, you can hand carry, shoulder carry, backpack it, or place it on top of your luggage through the holder provided. It’s completely easy to clean both in and out. And while it’s a soft case, it’s layered very well to offer shock-proofing, water-proofing, and anti-wear.


  • Good size to fit a good amount of makeup for a longer travel
  • Compartments are adjustable
  • Various ways to carry including hand carry, shoulder, backpack, or on top of your luggage
  • Secured double zipper closure
  • Three layer system for more product storage
  • Brush pockets come with flap to keep them clean
  • Mesh pocket is great for items you want to secure
  • Easy to clean
  • Thick lining is shock proof, water proof, and anti-wear
  • Simple black design suitable for both male and female users
  • Multifunctional use other than as a makeup train case


  • Size may take up quite a lot of room in your luggage
  • The dividers are not secured to the bottom compartment so they can pop out when not fitted well